Testimonials - Residential

Greetings to everyone at Debra Inglis Interior Design!

The work you did on my curtains for the bedroom and the bedspread and dust cover plus pillows were awesome!!!!

Still in shock to see the room looking so beautiful. I love it all! Thanks so much. Ron likes it too but has to be trained to make the bed just the right way and keep the cats OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful work Thanks for the design elements you added Barb.

Thanks Debbie for help in fabric choice ( colour is perfect ) and delivery as well.... You have a great selection, product, and service. Not to mention exceptional workmanship!

Jo-Anne Coleman

Hi Debra!

Everything is good! The countertop is partly in and looks fabulous! A couple of pieces were sized slightly wrong (Terry is very detail oriented and we love him for it! LOL) so they're being fixed and Terry think they'll be here today (Monday) or tomorrow. He had the wall tile installer scheduled for today, but I suspect has postponed him until the countertop is completed. The kitchen, bathroom and laundry room lights are in and are great. We raised the pendant lights a bit, because of Steve's height leaning over the counter.

Everything looks wonderful and I suspect a lot will get done this week as the last major things fall into place, but Terry will know that better than I.

Kathy Inch

Hello Debra:

The floor is down and looks great alongside the newly painted walls. Please let me know when it would be possible to come and look at some drapery fabrics.



Hi Debra!

The kitchen is done! It's fabulous! You'll have to stop by and check it out. Right now it's a bit upside down as I'm putting stuff away, but it looks wonderful.

If you have time in the next couple of weeks, can we get together to pick paint colours, etc.? Terry is trying to book the contractors for over the summer period when we'll be away and he's going to do the floors, and probably upstairs. As much as I can pick before we go would help.

Thanks a lot!


Hello Debbie:

I can't tell you how pleased both Bill and I am. I called and spoke with Krys this morning. What a difference. I did not want to leave and come to work this morning. MANY thanks to all three of you. Well worth the wait!!


Testimonials - Commercial

Debra's involvement in this project was a major contributing factor to its success. The move went flawlessly and the client was most satisfied. I have since recommended Debra's services on other projects for the same client which, although smaller in scope yielded similar results. I am happy to recommend Debra Inglis for any project of this nature and would gladly work with her again in the future.

Steve Swatyk, DIPL. T. ARCH., PMP, Sr. Project Manager, MHPM Project Managers Inc.

Having worked with you in 2006/2007 has provided me with a greater appreciation of the difficulties associated with space and design issues. You and your staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional at all times. The challenges with our contractor's were testament to your patience and professionalism. Always a pleasure working with you!

Lois Jeffrey, Manager - RMB Project GTA, Canada Post Corporation

The laboratory is the Central Public Health Laboratory. It occupies 23,844 square meters (256 000 sq.ft.), employs approximately 380 staff. This is a medical laboratory which receives approximately 4000 patient specimens each day and tests them for infectious diseases. During the renovation we had to maintain uninterrupted laboratory operations. Based on the complexity and number of the moves and the need to maintain uninterrupted workflow, we determined that we would require the services of a move coordinator. We were fortunate enough to acquire the services of Debra Inglis Interior Design. Debra and her staff did an excellent job of ensuring a smooth move which enabled us to continue our critical work without any delays. I therefore recommend Debra Inglis Interior Design.

Garth Riley, Manager, Regional Laboratory Services & Program Coordinator Facility Upgrades