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Clear the clutter, simplify your life; make way for a new beginning. You are where you live. The past is over.

You don't have to believe in Feng Shui, to implement change. Start with a small space and 1 day. Most people start with a closet, but you can use any room.

Quote from: Feng Shui Made Easy

"Bags of clothes that don't fit are clutter. Winter clothes you are not wearing in the summer are storage. Remove all unused or dusty objects from a room. Place them in storage boxes. If you don't bring it back in a month let it go. Piles of magazines that you keep around just in case you want to refer to that article from four years ago are clutter. An organized collection of back issues of your favourite magazine is storage. Once you look around, do not be surprised to see how much clutter you have accumulated."

Recycle, be part of the green movement as well.

If you need more reinforcement; I suggest some light reading – "Feng Shui Made Easy"; by William Spear.

Clearing the clutter is a very emotional experience. Take one step at a time.